Mexico´s Caribbean coast is known not only for its beautiful, pristine beaches but mainly for its spectacular freshwater cave systems called Cenotes.


May 9, 2018


These amazing sinkholes surrounded by tropical jungle attract thousands of divers all year round to Riviera Maya.

Pro Dive International provides with high quality standard dive packages to these famous Mayan cenotes.

Cenote El Pit


The Pit is the largest underwater cave in the world! It´s a deep and rugged gash in the jungle floor, part of Dos Ojos cave system. You will be amazed by fascinating light beams that penetrate the cavern for more than 40 metres down (120ft). The entrance is steep and narrow, but once you are inside the cavern, you appreciate peaceful surroundings by circling around. You will explore enormous stalactites and spectacular formations shaped over the centuries.


Gran Cenote


Gran Cenote is the heart of Sac Aktun system (The World’s longest underwater cave system) which means “White Cave”. As name states, white walls, crystal clear waters and spectacular stalactites and stalagmites will awe not only experienced divers but also beginners. The maximum depth of this Cenote is 10 metres (33ft). It´s worth to remember that good control of buoyancy is required to avoid damaging any formations during the dive.


Cenote Tajma Ha


Cenote Tajma Ha is very famous for its stalactites, stalagmites, its spectacular lights effects and its fossil shells. You can also discover large rooms of limestone, speleothems, ceiling collapsed and a dense halocline. Haloclines in the deeper areas create interesting mirror like effects as divers penetrate the layer of salt water, which is below the fresh water.


Cenote Angelita


Cenote Angelita
is one of the deepest cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula. Experienced divers will be hooked by this unique underwater scenery. The only way you can dive is straight deep down to 60 metres, there are no passageways. In this Cenote you will find natural phenomenon between salt and sweet waters called hydrogen sulphide. Once the dense cloud appears, you will feel like entering into the world of fantasy, hence, surrealistic experience occurs.


Cenote Chac Mool


Cenote Chac-Mool is one of the Caverns which has a Halocline. This is where salt and fresh come together creating fascinating visual effects. With its large rooms and and maximum depth of 12m, Chac Mool is perfect for any novice Cavern Diver. It also offers long penetration for Cave Divers and is home to the largest underwater stalactite in the world.


Cenote El Eden/Pondarosa


A large and beautiful Cenote, like a swimming pool in the middle of the jungle. Big rocks covered by mosses and plants on the bottom of the Cenote are home to a variety of fish, fresh water eels and abundant aquatic plant life. This makes Pon-da-Rosa a perfect place for snorkeling, swimming as well as for Diving courses on days the ocean is too rough to dive. For inexperienced Cavern Divers this Cenote is ideal. A Halocline stretches through the Cenote at 10mtrs. For Cave Divers there are many different passages to explore, often connected to nearby Cenotes.


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