July 5, 2018

Diving at night creates totally different experience and new perspective of underwater world. During day dive, you can see perfectly the ambience around you but at night you can only see the area which you lit by your flashlight.

Night diving is not only mysterious and full of surprises but also full of new sea nocturnal creatures ready to be discovered. Many of reef animals sleep during the day and they only come out at night. The marine life looks more colorful and vivid. Also, you can even find tiny plankton organisms that give the effect of bioluminescence. This is one of favourite features of night dive for many divers. The fantastic glow of blue and green lights creates spectacular fluorescent effect.



It is essential to prepare the special equipment for night diving. Most of equipment is suitable for day and night dives. Never go for a night dive with a brand new equipment you are not familiar with yet.

The proper dive torch with strong power and long battery life is a key. The features as depth rating, burn time and beam width are important to think of while choosing one. Remember to always take extra flashlight just in case of any emergency or if battery goes out in the former one.

A snap light or battery powered marker should be attached to BCD or tank of every diver in order they can see other divers behind them.

Navigation during night dive is crucial so you should have a compass too. During day good visibility is not a problem but during night dive it is quite a challenge.




The communication during night dive is essential as it´s more difficult than during day dive. It’s crucial to learn how to use light signals. You and your dive buddy always should make sure and double check that all signals are clear before entering the water.



The best time for night dive is actually at twilight or dusk so you can adjust to the dark gradually.

Night dives generally are slow and shallow in order to maintain safety and good orientation since you can only see what is illuminated in the light of your torch beam. Also, time underwater during night dive is relatively shorter.



Once you descend into the water and see this breathtaking night life, you will definitely crave for more!  So breath in, breath out and enjoy this fascinating experience!