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Cayo Levantado

Stunning drop off’s, plenty of sea stars, colorful coral reefs, bustling marine life… Not only does this national park spoil you with some of the most vibrant diving and snorkeling in the Dominican Republic, all year-round, but takes you out to Samana Bay to watch humpback whales in February/ March.

Including whale watching at Samana during humpback season in Feb/ Mar. Sighting not guaranteed.

We are currently the only dive operator offering this trip in our area!


  • Start at 7am/ return without humpbacks 6pm/ with humpbacks 7pm, check pickup time with dive center
  • Route differs in humpback season, as it’s longer, the humpbacks can only be spotted at the entrance of the Samana bay, and are not everywhere >> it´s an extra during this season, and can’t be guaranteed
  • 1.5 hrs drive by comfy bus with A/C, nice trip, highway in amazing condition, very picturesque landscape
  • Arrival to a finca (coco tree property) with nice bathrooms, showers, rinsing sinks etc.
  • By boat ar. 40 min to Samana/ Cayo Levantado Island – large beach area, many restaurants
  • Before entering Cayo Levantado, we stop near a small rocky island, anchor at 3-4 depth for snorkeling, lots of sea stars, fishes, corals, an amazing national park,
  • Few meters away from the snorkeling spot is a 90 degree wall (drop off) starting at 6-7m dropping to 40/50m, current low to medium, no decompression dives only
  • Since the boat is anchored centrally, there is no waiting time for snorkelers/ divers,
  • after snorkeling, snorkelers will be brought to the beach, for about 2 hrs, here can be snorkeled off shore, relaxed, and enjoyed a light lunch later
  • Our divers get back onboard after their 1st dive, then off for a 2nd shallower dive at ar. 10m featuring a wreck – like a big ferry with platform, 2 engines in front and in back, easy dive, sunk 10 yrs ago, good visibility ar. 12-15m, lots of sea life on the wreck
  • After their 2nd dive, our divers join the snorkelers on the beach for relax and lunch, for about 1-1.5hrs, 1 softdrink included with the lunch, with the option to purchase another one or a beer e.g. > These are the same conditions of all operators to this island, in order to support the local economy, however, there are also softdrinks available on boat and bus.

Minimum number of participants: either 2 divers + 3 snorkelers, or 3 divers, or 5 snorkelers

Cayo Levantado

catering to both divers (excl. 2 tanks & equipment) & snorkelers (incl. snorkeling gear), incl. transfers, lunch + 1 softdrink, stop at Samana Bay, during humpback season in Feb/Mar only,

Regular price: US$139.00

Online price with 10% discount: US$125.10

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