Pro Dive adopts Bull Shark!

noviembre 3, 2016


& supports local shark conservation – Bull Shark “Ixchel”


Date: 03/11/2016

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Pro Dive International – Mexico

Pro Dive International, one of the Caribbean’s most established PADI 5 Star Dive Resorts and recognized Career Development Centers, are delighted to inform about their recent ADOPTION – one of the world’s top predators – a BULL SHARK.

Pro Dive’s donation of an initial 5 years adoption fee supports the research and conservation efforts of the local project SAVING OUR SHARKS (SOS), a marine and shark scientist group focusing on the protection and conservation of bull sharks at the Mexican Riviera Maya. Their work includes GPS tagging and transmitter placements, in order to study their population, determine their genetic background, health status and migration patterns to help protect the species and conserve critical habitats.

To promote conservation and research, SOS cooperates closely with a few selected local dive operators that are truly dedicated to shark protection, such as Pro Dive. Besides research work, they communicate, meet and negotiate with local, municipal and federal entities to promote adaptions in the laws, to drive the conservation of sharks in the state of Quintana Roo and Mexico.

Another result of that cooperation is the development of a manual to set standards for bull shark diving in the Riviera Maya and the Mexican Caribbean – in which SOS as well as Pro Dive have been elementary – and to which local dive operators always need to adhere to, to provide a safe, professional and pro-shark directed experience creating Ambassadors to the sharks and thus promoting shark conservation worldwide.


“Fittingly, and with a touch of female charm, we have named her IXCHEL, referring to the ancient Mayan Goddess of fertility, motherhood, the moon and healing. Ix means goddess of the feminine, Chel – rainbow or light. In other words, she is the goddess of the rainbow and lady of sacred light” says Maria Jose Lledo, Pro Dive’s Operations Manager. “Ixchel is always associated with bodies of water, and anywhere you would be likely to see a rainbow. Join us this winter to check out on her!”

Pro Dive’s Ixchel was registered between 2015/ 16 for the very first time. She can be easily distinguished by her bent dorsal fin and inquisitive behavior. With a length of 250 cm, she is one of the largest females of the 23 bull sharks registered by SOS, and is indeed a big baby. :)

More information on the project can be found on the SAVING OUR SHARKS website: