Let´s get you back underwater!
2. PADI Refresher

Are you a certified diver, but your last logged dive has been more than 2 years ago?

PADI Scuba Diving Refresher

Don´t worry, we will help you get back underwater! Our instructor will check all basic skills of scuba diving with you like setting up your equipment, mask clearing, regulator recovery, buoyancy control among others and focus on those which might have become a little rusty, to help you regain your confidence and ensure you will fell comfortable for your first dive after long.


♦ Daily, prior to your ocean dives


Refresher Course/Mexico

(theory & pool check - mandatory after 2 years no diving)

Regular price: US$59.00

Online price with 10% discount: US$53.10

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Refresher course/Dom. Rep.

Theory & pool check – mandatory after 2 years no diving

Regular price: US$71.00

Online price with 10% discount: US$63.90

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